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The Transformation of Hilti‘s Software Support to Customer Advocates

Dr. Marcel Müller

Dr. Marcel Müller

Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Germany

Hilti wants to make construction better and promises its customer’s that Hilti is the best partner for productivity, security and sustainability. To do so, Hilti offers not only physical products and related services but also a vast variety of software products. To live up to this customer promise for software products, it is not only important to build “Customer Centric Software Products“, but also to nurture the relationship with customers, to listen and learn from them. To fulfill this promise, Hilti established a software support organization that is currently undergoing a transformation from a “classical software support team” to a “customer advocates team”. The focus of this transformation lies not only on the services that are offered by the customer advocates team, but more importantly it triggers a change in the traditional mindset and skill set of software support engineers. In this slot we will discuss this transformation and derive 10 things customer advocates have to be good at, based also on the Digital Design Thinking approach and workshops conducted in our OMiLAB@Hilti node.

Lecture at NEMO2023

Date/Time: Friday, July 21, 2023 at 14:00