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X-IoT: a Model Driven approach for cross platform IoT applications

Prof. Dr. Andrea Polini

Prof. Dr. Andrea Polini

University of Camerino, Italy

Digital transformation asks for digital solutions conceived taking into account the peculiarities of each deployment context. Indeed a “one fits all” approach to the definition of a solution does not lead to satisfactory results. On the other hand, in order to cope with timing constraints that ask for rapid development of digital solutions, it becomes extremely useful to enable the reuse of knowledge acquired in the development of a single solution, and to avoid redeveloping each solution from scratch. IoT based solutions clearly are one of the main pillars enabling digital transformation. In such a context the development is made complex by the many variability dimensions influencing the definition of a possible solution. Variability has to do with the possible adoption of different devices, different processes, different platforms and in different deployment contexts where the specific IoT based application has to be delivered. In the lesson the “X-IoT” (Cross Iot) methods will be introduced. X-IoT proposes a novel model driven approach that, abstracting from technological details, permits to specify cross cutting concerns for an IoT application and, successively, thanks to successive refinement steps, to derive a working application for the given context and specific requirements. The lesson will illustrate the proposed approach and the lesson learned in its definition.

Lecture at NEMO2022

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 10:00