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Enterprise Modeling for Continuous Requirements Engineering

Prof. Dr. Marite Kirikova

Prof. Dr. Marite Kirikova

Riga Technical University, Latvia

In the era of global economy and frequent changes, caused, for instance, by digital transformation and innovation, the information systems development faces the need for continuous realignment with the business processes and systems. Continuous development, continuous delivery, and continuous engineering have become common notions in contemporary systems development language. In this context, right requirements still are the key of project success; however the methods for their engineering must adhere to challenges and possibilities of enterprise digitalization levels. One of the opportunities that are provided by enterprise modeling tools is the possibility to utilize enterprise models in requirements engineering. FREEDOM framework is one of the means for structured and purposeful usage of As-Is and To-Be enterprise models for requirements engineering in different project types and enterprises.

Lecture at NEMO2022

Date/Time: Monday, July 18, 2022 at 09:00