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An ADOxx-based DEMO tool allowing transformations to BPMN

Dr. Marne de Vries

Dr. Marne de Vries

University of Pretoria, South Africa

The age of digitalization requires rapid design and re-design of enterprises. Since enterprise designs can be conceptualized via multiple modelling languages, there is a need to enable transformation between different modelling languages in a rapid and unambiguous way. The design and engineering methodology for organizations (DEMO) provides models that represent the organization domain of an enterprise. DEMO offers a unique design perspective, since its four aspect models have the ability to represent organization design domain knowledge in a concise and consistent way, removing technological realization and implementation details. One of the DEMO’s aspect models, the construction model, incorporates an organization construction diagram (OCD) that provides a concise representation of enterprise operation. Managers value the OCD, since it becomes a blueprint of enterprise operation that enables discussions on enterprise (re-)design and strategic alignment. Business process modelling and notation (BPMN) models are used for a different purpose, namely to model the concrete processes that should be implemented at the enterprise. Due to their descriptive abilities, BPMN models are widely adopted. This presentation provides a conceptual mapping between DEMO’s OCD and a BPMN collaboration diagram. In addition, a new ADOxx-based DEMO tool is demonstrated, showcasing its ability to facilitate model transformations.

Lecture at NEMO2020

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 08, 2020 at 11:30