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Security Assessment Using SAPnet in the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem

Prof. Dr. Christos Douligeris

Prof. Dr. Christos Douligeris

University of Piraeus, Greece

In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the computing devices, the machines and even the objects are given the ability of exchanging data by containing or carrying sensors, actuators and network interfaces. Since, this capability is often present without supervision, it is very likely that increased security risks per device or object will appear. Therefore, a security assessment that aims at mitigating the risks is of high importance and ideally starts at the designing phase to minimize the impact of vulnerabilities. In the designing phase, this assessment can be applied on the corresponding implementation model. In this lecture, first a short introduction to the ADOxx meta-modeling SAPnet platform will be given. SAPnet includes the ontology toolkit for the Stochastic Petri net (SPN) modeling of the actors’ states and transitions. Additionaly, it is enriched with tools for an assessment procedure used to estimate the security level of a model based on the actor’s (i.e. devices, machines, objects) characteristics. Then, the lecture will walk through the assessment procedure and demonstrate how this procedure is assisted by the platform. Finally, an example implementation of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) life-cycle on SAPnet will be presented.

Lecture at NEMO2019

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 11:30