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Fractal Enterprise Model and its Usage for Business Transformation

Prof. Dr. Ilia Bider

Prof. Dr. Ilia Bider

Stockholm University, Sweden

The lecture introduces a new type of enterprise models called Fractal Enterprise Models (FEM), with accompanying methodological support for their design. FEM shows interconnections between the business processes in an enterprise by connecting them to the assets they use and manage. Assets considered in the model could be tangible (buildings, heavy machinery, etc.) and intangible (employees, business process definitions, etc.). A FEM model is built by using two types of patterns called archetypes: a process-assets archetype that connects a process with assets used in it, and an asset-processes archetype that connects an asset with processes aimed to manage this asset (e.g., hiring people, or servicing machinery). Alternating these patterns creates a fractal structure that makes relationships between various parts of the enterprise explicit. There are several areas where FEM can be used in practice , e.g. for planning and completing organizational change, including a radical one, such as business model transformation. The lecture will present practical examples of FEM usage.

Lecture at NEMO2019

Date/Time: Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 15:00