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Semantic-based Modeling for Information Systems in SeMFIS

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Fill

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Fill

University of Fribourg, Switzerland

In this talk an introduction to semantic-based modeling and the SeMFIS platform will be given. At its core, semantic-based modeling characterizes the use of semi-formal conceptual models together with formal semantic schemata such as ontologies, thesauri or controlled vocabularies. The talk will enable participants to understand the theoretical and practical foundations for applying semantic-based modeling to the design and analysis of information systems. In particular it will be reverted to the ADOxx-based SeMFIS platform that constitutes a flexible engineering platform for realizing semantic annotations of conceptual models and that is provided for free via OMiLAB (http://semfis-platform.org/). The approach will be illustrated with applications in semantic business process management, semantic-based simulation and semantic visualization of enterprise models.

Lecture at NEMO2018

Date/Time: Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 10:00