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Conceptualisation of Modelling Methods with ADOxx

Dr. Dominik Bork

Dr. Dominik Bork

University of Vienna, Austria

The benefits of domain-specific modelling methods – as a complement to general purpose and de-factor standard modelling methods like UML BPMN are doubtless. The process from an idea over the design up to the deployment of new modelling methods is referred to as the modelling method conceptualization. A vital part in this conceptualisation is the design of the meta model. Meta models formally specify the syntactic backbone of a modelling language by introducing the relevant modelling language concepts and by constraining the meaningful relationships between them. Meta model design decisions determine not only syntactic expressiveness of modelling languages but dictate also how their usage by modellers. While lots of research can be found focussing on the effect of notational aspects on modelling language’s usability and intuitiveness, guidelines and best practices for meta model design are still scarce. This talk will contribute bridging that research gap by reporting on the results of analysing 40 meta models of the Open Models Laboratory (OMiLAB). All meta models have been developed with the ADOxx metamodeling platform. The goal of this talk is to provide a set of generic meta model design patterns that can be employed in any modelling method conceptualization. For practical feasibility, a Smart City meta model will be utilized, thereby building a bridge between the this lecture and the OMiLAB@work practical sessions at the end of the first Summer School week.

Lecture at NEMO2018

Date/Time: Monday, July 16, 2018 at 16:30