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Model driven DevOps of multi-clouds applications

Prof. Dr. Elisabetta di Nitto

Prof. Dr. Elisabetta di Nitto

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Cloud computing is a major trend in the ICT industry. The wide spectrum of available Clouds, such as those offered by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, HP, AT&T, and IBM, just to mention big players, provides a vibrant technical environment, where even small and medium enterprises (SMEs) use cheap and flexible services creating innovative solutions and evolving their existing service offer. Despite this richness of environments, Cloud business models and technologies are characterized by critical issues, such as the heterogeneity between vendor technologies and the resulting lack of interoperability between Clouds. This implies that developing and operating applications on the Cloud can show some difficulties and that migrating the application from one Cloud to another may require some re-development effort. The purpose of this course/presentation is to show how model-driven engineering can be applied both to design and operation (DevOps) of cloud applications and can allow applications to exploit different clouds without requiring significant effort. Moreover, we will show how, thanks to models, it is possible to analyze and QoS characteristics of applications and keep them under control both at design time and at runtime.

Lecture at NEMO2015

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 11:00