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Enterprise Engineering Needs for Product Service Systems

Prof. Dr. Xavier Boucher

Prof. Dr. Xavier Boucher

École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, France

This contribution to NEMO 2015 is not oriented on innovations or research works concerning the theory and implementation of enterprise modelling tools and methodology. Complementary, it is focusing on an application area, which induce specific requirements and needs for such methodologies. Industrial Product Service Systems (PSS) are a recent industrial concept offering strong opportunities both for business innovation and sustainability improvement. Coupling or even integrating industrial production and service delivering poses many innovative challenges for the manufacturing industry at the technological, organizational and even human level. In the recent years, many international projects have contributed to important scientific advances in the field. The lecture will first give a synthetic insight on Product Service Systems (PSS), to make possible for the audience to understand the key concepts of PSS and key industrial needs to manage an economical transition towards this new form of industrial economy. Then, the lecture will underline specific research orientations directly linked to the needs of developing enterprise modelling and engineering solutions, to support the configuration, deployment, and life cycle management of Product Service Systems and value creation chains. The practical part of the lecture will propose to the audience the experimentation of a customized modelling tool, dedicated to the engineering and evaluation of PSS scenarios.

Lecture at NEMO2015

Date/Time: Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 09:00