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Modelling Aspects of Enterprise Transformation Management

Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

Universit├Ąt St. Gallen, Switzerland

Enterprise Modelling can be conducted in an inside-out mode (i.e. representing what is there, e.g. by a federated set of models of the enterprise) or in an outside-in mode (i.e. representing what is needed in different ways for certain stakeholders or stakeholder groups). Possible use scenarios for an outside-in perspective are, among others, IT consolidation management, business continuity management, risk management, or enterprise transformation programs. Due to the growing importance of transformations, e.g. in the context of digital business, this course focuses on transformation as enterprise modelling application scenario. Transformation types are explained and respective modelling requirements/capabilities are discussed. As a special type of models which are important in the context of transformations, boundary objects are discussed.

Lecture at NEMO2014

Date/Time: Monday, July 14, 2014 at 16:00