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Process Modelling and Business Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Grossmann

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Grossmann

University of Vienna, Austria

Process Modelling and Business Intelligence are two important areas in business informatics, which are treated often rather separated from each other. Looking at the literature and the activities in the two areas shows that process modelling takes a look at the business from a more production oriented view, whereas business intelligence activities emphasise more the role of the customer in the business process. In this lecture we want to show how one can take a unified view onto these two approaches and how such a view supports business activities. For demonstration we use as business case a marketing campaign and show how one can use business analytics for detailed specification of the business process and how this specification influences formulation of the business goals. The proposed method combines ideas of business process modelling with data mining formats and shows how different analytical techniques can be integrated using the ADOxx platform. Main emphasis is on methods for data provisioning and data understanding which extend traditional approaches by quality computations.

Lecture at NEMO2014

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 16:00