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A big "Thank you" to our Sponsors and Partner Hubs for supporting the NEMO Summer School Series!


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As a leading-edge provider of solutions and services to the professional construction industry Hilti drives the digital transformation enabling Hilti customers to be more productive while observing the highest health and safety standards.

Hilti IT is a key pillar of the digital activities of the Hilti group, running a single-instance global ERP system and providing with the Hilti Cloud a common application platform for all internal and customer-facing digital activities. Global IT is a valued business partner in the Hilti Group that is business-driven, value-focused, and competitively strives for customer satisfaction, business and operational excellence in every area.

Dr. Martin Petry
For my solution architects and enterprise architects, it is inspiring to exchange the latest insights in enterprise modelling with other practitioners and talented students participating in the NEMO summer school.
Dr. Martin Petry
Further details: https://www.hilti.com/

Fujitsu is a global ICT company that originated in Japan with over 80-years of history. We are the world‘s fifth-largest IT services provider and No.1 in Japan.

Today digital technology is transforming the business, society, and everyday lives of people. In this digital era, we want to be a trusted technology partner of enterprises and public institutions to help them drive their growth. To co-create new value with our customers, Fujitsu focuses on providing breakthrough digital technologies including AI and iot and works on shaping open-innovation ecosystems with enterprises, startup companies, academic institutions, and governments. Through co-creation, we aim to realize a better future for everyone.

Yoshikuni Takashige
Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Vision, Fujitsu Limited
It is very important for us to have a good partnership with world-leading academic institutions and contribute to developing next-generation talent.
Yoshikuni Takashige
Further details: https://www.fujitsu.com/

Atos is a worldwide Information Technology Partner with a global focus on decarbonization and circular economy. Every day 110 000 employees in 73 countries are developing and implementing innovative, digital solutions that support the business transformation of clients and address the environmental and social challenges we all face.

To meet the requirements of the digital world Atos’ IoT solutions for example address a variety of areas, such as connected cars, connected homes and industrial IoT especially for retail, healthcare and the financial sector. The focus is on integrating technologies such as blockchain, cognitive learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The sustainable and responsible use of these technologies and the acceptance by the people are essential.

Dipl.-Kfm.Ing. Johann Martin Schachner
CEO, ATOS Austria
Seeing digitalization as a key factor in the success of our economy, we believe that digital skills must be strongly promoted in the field of education. We are proud to be part of the summer school - an international platform for students, scientists, and industry leaders to exchange ideas and discuss new developments for the digital age.
Dipl.-Kfm.Ing. Johann Martin Schachner
Further details: https://www.atos.net/
Stadt Wien

Vienna is on its way to becoming the digitisation capital. It is essential to focus on the benefits of technology for people. Digital humanism is an essential principle in all digital change processes.

The “Digital Agenda Vienna” shows the relevant fields of action of digitalisation: security, service, knowledge, working world 4.0, economy, infrastructure and governance.

Klemens Himpele
CIO, Stadt Wien
In Vienna, it is always said: 'the human being is the centre of attention. Technology follows people, not people following technology.'
Klemens Himpele
Further details: https://www.wien.gv.at/
Meeting Destination Vienna

The Vienna Convention Bureau was established in 1969 as a department of the Vienna Tourist Board with the help of the city of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and has been supported ever since. Vienna’s meeting industry is represented by the Meeting Destination Vienna. It is based on the service quality and expertise of the same and is communicated by the Vienna Convention Bureau.

Meeting Destination Vienna
Vienna, a world-class meeting destination - compact, green and easily accessible.
Meeting Destination Vienna
Further details: https://www.vienna.convention.at/en

AFIL is an Italian private association, recognized by Lombardy Region as the regional technological cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. The cluster aims at promoting and facilitating R&I actions by creating and animating communities of stakeholders with the final goal to improve Lombardy manufacturing system sustaining its leadership and competitiveness.

To accomplish its mission, AFIL is involved in several interregional networks fostering the connection and exchange between local and foreign stakeholders operating in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.

Dr. Andrea Mazzoleni
Project Manager, AFIL
We are keen to have the opportunity to get in touch with nemo participants and foster the future of industrial transformation.
Dr. Andrea Mazzoleni
Further details: https://www.afil.it/

CIMES (Creating Integrated MEchanical Systems) is a French « Pôle de compétitivité » (= innovation hub) located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. It is dedicated to engineering, smart manufacturing and intelligent mechanical systems. CIMES gathers almost 300 members from the industrial and academic ecosystems: companies (SMEs, groups), research centres (public and private) and educational establishments. All these stakeholders aim to accelerate innovation and enable the emergence of innovative collaborative projects. CIMES has the mission to help any company that is requesting support in its Industry of the Future approach.

This mission leads CIMES to work with different industrial sectors:

  • Traditional mechanical sectors: automotive, aeronautics, rail, energy,
  • Sectors in need of mechanization, automation, new processes: agrifood/forestry, precision farming, intelligent mobility, medical devices, construction…

CIMES built a cohesive thematic roadmap around three main topics:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing for Materials and Surfaces,
  • Integrated Robotics and Productive Performance and Efficiency,
  • Optimised Engineering for Sustainable Systems.
Arnaud Bocquillon
Head of Foresight, Scientific Coordination and European Activities, CIMES
Our roadmap is aligned with the nemo objectives, namely encouraging digital innovators and digital engineers.
Arnaud Bocquillon
Further details: https://www.cimesfrance.com/

The Metal Processing Cluster is the largest cluster of the metal and machine industries in Poland, bringing together more than 100 entities. The cluster carries out initiatives on behalf of its members, strengthening cooperation within cluster companies and outside the cluster. The organization was awarded the status of “Key National Cluster” by the Polish Ministry of Economy in 2015. Strategic areas of clusters development are initiatives connected with internationalization, skills improvement and competence development in area of the factories of the future. The cluster’s competences have an impact on cross-sector cooperation in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Metal and machinery industry,
  • Building, Construction and Public Works,
  • Agriculture /Forestry
  • Agri-food industry and value chain related sectors
  • Eco-industry
  • Energy
  • Medical equipment
  • Industry of the Future and Industrial Production,
  • Boatbuilding and value chain related sectors
  • Electronic industry, plastic processing industry
Sebastian Rynkiewicz
President, MetalProcessingCluster
We are glad to be part of such initiatives connected with internationalization and competence development in the area of digital innovation.
Sebastian Rynkiewicz
Further details: https://www.metalklaster.pl/en

Establishment of the cluster: March 2013

Mission: Increasing the capacity for innovation, research, technological transfer of members’ competitiveness as a sustainable regional development policy by interconnecting knowledge, technologies and people.

Members: In 2014, the PrelMet had 24 members, including 14 companies, 3 universities from Romania, 3 Romanian local administrations (Alba Iulia City Hall, Cugir City Hall and Alba County Council), the Central Regional Development Agency, 2 NGOs and 1 person. Currently, the PrelMet Transylvania cluster has 51 members.

Collaborations: PrelMet is a member in the Consortium of Clusters from Transylvania, in the Association of Clusters from Romania and in the Innovation Council of the Central Regional Development Agency. European collaborations: PrelMet collaborates with the OWL cluster in Paderborn Germany, with the Polish Aluminum Cluster, with V4 ICT from Bielsko Biala - Poland and with Pole Mecatrech Belgium.

International recognition of the PrelMet Cluster: Until 2020, we have the European Bronze Label level granted by the European Secretariat of the clusters attached to the European Commission and now, we are preparing to obtain the European Silver Label level by setting up 2 research and innovation centers, one with company Guhring Germany in Cluj Napoca and another with company Compa SA in Sibiu.

Dr. Ing. Ioan Bele
President, Prelmet
The international platform of NEMO enables us to enhance our mission and to gain knowledge on the latest academic research.
Dr. Ing. Ioan Bele
Further details: https://prelmetcluster.wordpress.com/