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Understanding Enterprise Modelling Practices

Prof. Dr. Erik Proper

Prof. Dr. Erik Proper

TU Wien, Austria

Humanity has long since used models in different shapes and forms to understand, redesign, communicate about, and shape, the world around us; including many different social, economic, biological, chemical, physical, and digital aspects. This has resulted in a wide range of modeling practices that can be found across society. When the models as created and used in such modeling practices have a key role to play in the activities in which these modeling practices are ‘embedded’, the need emerges to consider the effectiveness and efficiency of such processes, and actually speak about modeling capabilities.

Models (also) play a natural role in the (continuous) development, operation, and regulation of enterprises. Even more, new technologies, such as AI, low-code, rule engines, IoT, Digital Twins, etc, provide additional drivers and enablers for the (critical) usage of models in enterprises. As a consequence, modeling capabilities have become a crucial (often hidden) part of both the dynamic capabilities and the operational capabilities of enterprises.

This makes it relevant to develop a thorough understanding of the artifacts involved in the modeling practices/capabilities in general, and in the context of enterprises in particular. This includes, the notion of model itself, conceptual fidelity of a model, and views. In this lecture we, therefore, explore these cornerstones of modeling practices in general, and in the context of enterprises in particular.

Lecture at NEMO2023

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 14:00