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Enterprise Modeling as a Knowledge Source in Systems Engineering

Prof. Dr. Marite Kirikova

Prof. Dr. Marite Kirikova

Riga Technical University, Latvia

In an era of global economy and frequent changes caused by digital transformation, innovation, and other factors, the systems development faces the need for continuous realignment with new enterprise goals, business processes, and technologies. To achieve a successful realignment, availability of knowledge about the enterprise and its environment (including new technologies) becomes an enabler of successful definition of requirements and implementation of changes at the business and technology level. Enterprise models are an important source of knowledge that can be represented using commonly available enterprise architecture notations. Sticking to common notations helps not only to represent the knowledge about the enterprise but also to show a generic knowledge about new technologies, for instance, low-code/no-code development; and such representation, in turn, helps in the adoption of these technologies.

Lecture at NEMO2023

Date/Time: Monday, July 24, 2023 at 14:00