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Participatory Enterprise Modeling with the 4EM Method

Prof. Dr. Janis Stirna

Prof. Dr. Janis Stirna

University of Stockholm, Sweden

Companies are often involved in Enterprise Modeling (EM) activities that address various business problems usually relayed to business and IT development or improvement of the quality of business operations. This can be done from a number of perspectives, e.g., strategy (goals, challenges, opportunities), business operations (processes, actors, resources), information (concepts, products), information technology (requirements, components), etc. However, to develop efficient solutions and to ensure their fit, all of these perspectives need to be analyzed in an integrated way, which is a core principle of EM. In practice, EM activities often involve groups of people, i.e. the models are created in a participatory way. This presentation will discus participatory EM and the 4EM method with a particular focus on modeling business strategies.

Lecture at NEMO2021

Date/Time: Friday, July 30, 2021 at 13:00