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Can virtual reality systems help us to design software as we talk?

Prof. Dr. Marcela Ruiz

Prof. Dr. Marcela Ruiz

ZHAW School of Engineering, Switzerland

Software systems are omnipresent in digital transformation process. Speeding up the time-to-market while ensuring high-quality software products are of crucial value to ensure successful digital transformation. In this lecture, we study one of the main challenges of digital transformation: speeding up the time-to-market of high-quality software products. We discuss the value of involving virtual reality systems for requirements engineering, for example, digitalising the collaboration of local and remote participants during requirements elicitation sessions by making use of double robots and collaborative tools. Furthermore, we evaluate techniques to involve computational mechanisms for the automatic generation of software design while requirements are discussed. When software development undergoes a process of digital transformation where requirements are generated “on the fly” and virtual reality systems are in place, it is important to investigate possible new roles that software analysts are required to adopt.

Lecture at NEMO2021

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 13:00