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Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling as a Foundation of IT-Business Alignment

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

While it is undisputed that today’s enterprises depend crucially on IT, many companies still struggle with exploiting the potential of IT to a full extent. On the one hand, that requires adapting IT infrastructures of ever increasing complexity to changing needs of the business, on the other hand, it recommends rethinking organisational structures and business processes to create new opportunities for the efficient use of IT. In the long run, the digital transformation may even require to reinvent the entire business model, which will usually imply a major restructuring of a company and its IT. IT-Business alignment can be mastered only, if a professional perspective on the business is combined with elaborate knowledge of the IT. The field of enterprise modelling is addressing this demand by integrating models of the business, such as goal models or business process models, with models of the IT, such as models of the IT infrastructure, object models etc. In his talk, Ulrich Frank, will give an overview of “Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling” (MEMO) to demonstrate how enterprise models support various kinds of business and IT related analyses that support both, IT managers and line managers and that thereby serve as a pivotal instrument to foster IT business alignment. For this purpose, he will give an overview of the domain-specific modelling languages that are part of MEMO, the language architecture and the language specification. The presentation will be supplemented by a tutorial on the use of MEMO4ADO, a tool that facilitates the construction of integrated enterprise models using the MEMO languages.

Lecture at NEMO2021

Date/Time: Monday, July 26, 2021 at 12:15