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Enterprise Construction Modeling, using an ADOxx-based tool

Dr. Marne de Vries

Dr. Marne de Vries

University of Pretoria, South Africa

The design and engineering methodology for organizations (DEMO) is an established theory-based methodology for representing the organization domain of an enterprise in a concise way, using four aspect models. One of the aspect models, the Construction Model (CM) provides an overarching big-picture to represent the essence of enterprise construction and operation. The CM reduces complexity and hence facilitates the human need for simplicity to manage a problem situation intellectually. We highlight the value of the CM and discuss a sub-method, the Enterprise Construction Modelling Method (ECMM), that is useful in composing a CM. We use a short case study to demonstrate how a CM can be composed, using the DEMO Modelling Tool (DMT) that was developed via the ADOxx platform.

Lecture at NEMO2021

Date/Time: Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 12:15