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Business Decision Models and their relation with Process Models

Prof. Dr. Jan Vanthienen

Prof. Dr. Jan Vanthienen

KU Leuven, Belgium

Business processes incorporate lots of decisions. Business decisions are important, but are often hidden in process flows or activities. It is not considered good practice to model the detailed decision paths in the business process model, because hardcoding (decision) rules in processes leads to complex and inflexible process models. Separating rules and decisions from the process simplifies the process model (separation of concerns). In analogy with the Business Process Modelling & Notation Standard (BPMN), a Decision Model & Notation standard (DMN) was developed. Decision modelling describes business decisions to be made, with their interrelationships and requirements, together with the detailed decision logic used to make the decision. One of the common forms of decision modelling is a structure of decision tables, describing the premises and resulting outcomes of a specific decision situation. This session is about the relations between business rules, decisions, decision tables, and business processes.

Lecture at NEMO2017

Date/Time: Friday, July 21, 2017 at 09:00