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Capability-oriented Enterprise Modelling and Requirements Engineering

Prof. Dr. Jelena Zdravkovic

Prof. Dr. Jelena Zdravkovic

Stockholm University, Sweden

Lately the notion of capability is gaining much presence within the field of Information Systems Engineering, due to a number of factors: the notion directs business investment focus, it can be used as a baseline for business planning, and it leads directly to service specification and design. Historically, it has been examined in Economics, Sociology, and Management Science. More recently, it has been considered in the context of Enterprise Modelling, for the specification and design of Information Systems using business planning as the baseline. The need for organizations to operate in changing environments is addressed by proposing a capability-oriented approach that integrates organizational development with IS development taking into account changes in the application context of the solution. This is referred to as Capability Driven Development (CDD). To ensure the needs of business stakeholders for variety of business contexts that an organization faces, and thus facilitate successful systems delivery, capability- driven development includes a well-defined method for requirements engineering, as well as its confirmation in practices. A number of components related to the use of the CDD approach are elaborated - CDD methodology, capability delivery application, patterns for reuse, industrial cases and a tool support.

Lecture at NEMO2015

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 09:00