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Modelling Issues for Distributed Mobile Business Processes

Prof. Dr. Moon Kun Lee

Prof. Dr. Moon Kun Lee

Chonbuk National University, Korea

Generally enterprise modelling for business process has not significantly dealt with process’ mobility with temporal requirements over geographical space. For example, it will be one of the mobility issues that the mobility of actors in business process should be geographically specified and verified with deadlines in a target business environment. Among formal methods, process algebra is the most suitable method for modelling the mobility over such distributed environments, due to the notion of the concurrency, distribution, movement, interaction and the control of processes, as well as their temporality. The most well-known process algebras are CCS, π-Calculus, Mobile Ambient, ACSR, etc. However they have limitations to represent the real aspects of the mobility due to the lack of features to represent different types of mobility, based on different aspect of autonomy, synchrony, priority, temporality, etc. In the lecture, a new algebra, called δ-Calculus, will be introduced to show how the algebra with the full features can be used to model the mobility. The appropriateness of the calculus will be demonstrated in a tool, called SAVE, which has been developed on ADOxx meta-modelling platform. At the end, the detailed architecture of the tool will be presented to show how effectively and efficiently the tool has been developed by using the basic facilities of ADOxx.

Lecture at NEMO2015

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 16:00