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Modelling Collaborative Enterprise Networks

Prof. Dr. Luis Camarinha-Matos

Prof. Dr. Luis Camarinha-Matos

Universidade Nova De Lisboar, Portugal

Participation in networks has nowadays become very important for any enterprise or organization striving to achieve a differentiated competitive advantage. Collaboration is a key issue to rapidly answer market demands, through sharing competencies and resources. In fact, collaborative networks manifest in a large variety of forms, including virtual organizations, virtual enterprises, dynamic supply chains, professional virtual communities, collaborative business ecosystems, etc. A large body of empiric knowledge related to collaborative networks is already available, but these organizational forms are complex entities whose proper understanding, design, implementation, and management require the integration of different modelling perspectives. In this context, ARCON is introduced as a comprehensive modelling framework that copes with the endogenous (structural, componential, functional, and behavioural dimensions) and exogenous interactions (market, support, societal, and constituency dimensions) perspectives, as well as the life-cycle of the network and the modelling intent.

Lecture at NEMO2014

Date/Time: Friday, July 18, 2014 at 16:00